Why you need to be “strong to the core”: Lessons from an old t-shirt…

You know “that shirt” that you’ve hung on to way too long, but there’s just something about it that keeps it from the donation bag? Well, I had a t-shirt when I was younger that said “Pilates at the Academy: Strong to the Core!” Intense,

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10 Minutes of Stretching for a Better Day!

Are you struggling to find time to stretch!? Does your body say "ouch" after you've crushed that workout and moved right to the next task? Do at least 10 Minutes of stretching today - pretty please, we are asking as a Fittbe friend. Make sure

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The Affirmations You Need to Fuel Success!

Affirmations are powerful! The thoughts we have impact the way we feel, the way our body reacts to things, the way we interact with our worlds, and our loved ones. Why wouldn't you want to train your thoughts to be beautiful, strong, or positive? It

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Staying Productive at Home!

Working from home really can be a challenge, but there are great benefits too! Many FITTBE members are finding that they are actually much more productive working from home, but it takes setting some ground rules to make it work!   Make a to-do list

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You can live your best, fit life, and give yourself unlimited Pilates video workouts in the palm of your hand. Experience the 2020 release of FITTBE Daily Pilates Workouts for iOS! With an always expanding catalog of at-home Pilates sessions from FITTBE founder and creator, Kira Elste, you will always find the perfect session to get you looking and feeling fit and fabulous! The app includes an enhanced experience and stands out from other apps in the space in that you receive new sessions every single week that are automatically added to your collection of over 200 videos. There are videos for every single level, from the Pilates beginner to advanced practitioners. You have a diary to enjoy as you track your accomplishments and balanced life.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the program is that you have other enjoyable activities that promote balance and well-being. From lighting nice smelling candles to having a scented bubble bath, or reading a favorite book in your coziest socks, we all need to take care of our minds, bodies, and spirits. FITTBE Daily Pilates Workouts is the best way to live your very best life, each and every day. You can try it for Free for a week with the monthly membership, or for 3 full days on the yearly membership. The yearly membership will cost you about $6.99 per month, which is a great saving! The monthly membership is a great option for those who are not quite sure yet, but want to give it a try! Learn More on the App Store!


Find out why Barre is one of the hottest exercises around!

It is an amazing way to tone up! With FITTBE Barre you get expert instruction, with full-length video sessions that you can do in your own home! The Barre apps are available on iOS and Android! FITTBE Ballet Barre workouts are “intelligent exercise, with proven results, and great cross-training for other sports and activities.” Learn More 


Inspired by Yoga, with foundations in Pilates, Fittbe Stretching and Warm Ups is your daily “go-to” app for feel-good stretches and warm ups! The Warm ups and stretching app is available for iOS! Imagine daily videos to warm up and stretch out your body. You will relieve stress as you warm and lengthen your muscles and calm your mind with some much deserved “you time” Learn More










Be the BEST Beautiful you with Fittbe

Fittbe is the perfect app system to keep you feeling fit and fabulous. With unlimited daily workouts, you always have new sessions to enjoy. Fittbe Pilates targets your core at every level. It helps you build gorgeous lean muscles and it feels amazing. Look forward to “you time” with Fittbe Pilates – you’ll even likely notice yourself standing taller – and if you are looking to tone up those abs, then this is the app for you! Try it complimentary for a full week!

Barre is amazing. Hands down – it’s a challenging workout which leads to major results. Fittbe Barre and Pilates was the first app in the Fittbe App Suite, and is the top ranking Barre workout app in the AppStore. The workouts are from 5-30 minutes each, so they are easy to fit into your daily life. At home workouts to tone, lengthen and strengthen? Yes Please! Fittbe Warm Ups and Stretching is the perfect way to start your day. You can enjoy a lovely stretch session and ease your body into the day with carefully crafted sessions, set to peaceful music. Warm ups and Stretches always has new added sessions, so your app is an ever expanding catalog!