Are you struggling to find time to stretch!? Does your body say “ouch” after you’ve crushed that workout and moved right to the next task? Do at least 10 Minutes of stretching today – pretty please, we are asking as a Fittbe friend.

Make sure you do this with no distractions. Just enjoy the stretch, listen to your body, and remind yourself that you deserve it.


There’s really no excuse for not stretching, and if you do it right, it’s something to look forward to! Fittbe rule number 1 for stretching is always stretch when you are warm. There is nothing worse than rolling out of bed and forcing your body into an uncomfortable stretch. You might wonder as you do something that is supposed to be good for you – am I injuring myself? Can something that feels like this really be good for me? The answer is, no! It’s not good to stretch cold.


A great way to get ready for stretching is to do a bit of what we call “oil can” in the apps!


  • Start with some light leg circles standing
  • Follow by rolling through your feet in a planted jog about 16
  • Take 16 plie pulses in second position
  • Do 16 medium sized arm circle
  • Repeat 3 Rounds


Now enjoy your 10 minutes of stretching! Be sure to do hamstring stretches, quad stretches, back stretches, calf, and Achilles stretches!

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