3 Simple Barre Workout Moves To Do Today!

Your 3 Simple Moves for a quick Barre Workout!

Hey Fittbe Fam! Today we have 3 Great #Fittbe Barre exercises to fit into your day if you need a pick me up in the form of a quick barre workout! Sometimes we don’t have time to set up a workout… sometimes, we are literally in the kitchen with 3 minutes until the water boils. Well these 3 lovely little barre moves are perfect for any time you are standing. They require no equipment whatsoever! Here we go!


1. Plie points! (Make sure you have a nice low pile in second with your knees tracking right over your toes, then power up and reach that working let out!⠀

2. V pluses. Send your knees to the side as you work those legs with little pulses. ⠀

3. First position plie raises. Keep your heels on the ground as you extend your light free weights up to 90 degrees and guide them back down!⠀


And of course, if you have your tablet or phone in your hand, then you can always press play on your unlimited Fittbe Barre workouts. A brand new favorite we’ve added to your apps is 20 minute chair chair technique (Open up your Fittbe Barre to get it)!