3 Barre Moves for your Legs

3 Barre Moves for your Legs

3 Barre Moves for your Legs

Today we have 3 barre moves for your legs that will get you toned up in a jiffy!…

3 Simple Moves for a quick  barre workout

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Plie Points

These are fun to do and a great leg burn

Start in your second position, and make a nice plie with tracking knees as always! Then press your weight over to your standing leg and point your working leg outward. Come back to your second position and lower into your plie. Make sure you have a nice low  in second with your knees tracking right over your toes, then power up and reach that working leg far away from yourself!

V Pulses

Send your knees to the side as you work those legs with little pulses. ⠀

These are so easy and quite fun! You can get a great leg engagement in so little time! Just rise up to your demi point releve, and squeeze your heels together. Plie down slightly but stay on your toes. Now, rock some little pulses. Try 16 counts and then come down and shake it out! 

First position plie raises.

It’s time to stretch those achilles but keep working our legs

Take your heels together in a ballet first position. Plie with your heels on the floor as you stretch your achilles. Squeeze your legs together as you pull up, engaging your inner thighs too! 

We like to add a simple 90 degree bend in the arms with light free weights – as you know they are always optional! 


It's always a good day for BARRE!

BARRE is always a good idea, and of course Paris is too.. Thanks Sabrina!


New Workouts from the Fittbe Elf

New Workouts from the Fittbe Elf

Are you finding it tough to stay calm during the busy and sometimes stressful holiday season? Endorphins and a great balanced workout can help you combat that stress! We have all new workouts from the Fittbe Elf, so be sure to check them out on your apps today! ??

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Why Ballerinas Have the Most Toned Backs

Why Ballerinas Have the Most Toned Backs

Hey Loves! Have you ever noticed that ballerinas have the most beautiful and toned backs? Yet.. they rarely if ever lift actual weights. But, think about this, those fluid and beautiful movements they spend hour after hour and day after day doing are all resistance based. Ok, what does that mean? It means that they create their own feeling resistance – like they are moving against water. And… as they do that gorgeous Port de Bras, they do so for a prolonged period of time!

Want to work toward your own beautiful ballet back at home with no weights? Here are a few porte de bras exercises you can do on your own!

Hold your arms out in ballet second position for as long as you can – flatten your back as you do it

next, take those arms from second to high fifth with a feeling of resistance, hold each position for about 2 seconds

Hold your arms up in high fifth for about a minute!

Take your arms back out to second position and do tiny little circles

Finish the series by taking your arms from first to second – just like number 2?

You’ll be so excited to pull out that strapless or backless!

Is Athleisure here to Stay?

Is Athleisure here to Stay?

Athleisure… Now that’s a word that didn’t even exist 5 years ago did it? Does anyone else remember Blair Waldorf’s famous “leggings are not pants” quote? It had me laughing and honestly repeating it big time. But now, I’m one of them!

I’ve now lived in a few cities where it seemed that leggings, a cute baseball cap, a tank or zip and running shoes almost feel like a uniform. At least it’s the uniform if you’re at Costco between 10 and 3 on a weekday!


You’ve probably guessed it, but athleisure is basically when you wear your workout style clothes in other settings, and it is big business. The trend appears to be sticking around as well. Morgan Stanley predicted that the industry will grow to an $83 million market by 2020. Their study explained that people are living more and more active lifestyles, and those who participated in sport activities when they were younger are now infusing their adult lives with the same priorities.  They suggest that the sports we watch and play are influencing what we buy.

Some of the Athleisure apparel we particularly love at Fittbe comes from Kate Spade (especially recommended for for our Barre babes out there), New Balance X JCrew and Lorna Jane Activewear – (check out their current sale). Why are they topping the list? Primarily because they offer options which are cozy and comfy for everyday. I don’t know about you, but I do not like being shoved into an unbreathable sports bra so tight I can’t even breathe. My corset style tutu days may be over, but Athleisure wear is here to stay!

By the way, have you heard that wearing Athleisure apparel might actually help you workout more?!





The Little Black Dress Barre

The Little Black Dress Barre

I just produced a barre workout specifically catered to that “little black dress”. A staple in any woman’s wardrobe, and one which we should embrace! Barre gives us the tools to do so. Because it’s a full body workout, you tone your legs, refine your beautiful upper back muscles, tighten those arms & more. We can do this workout together via my app!

The Little Black Dress Barre

I also thought I’d share a few of the exercises that you can try – though it’s probably easier to follow along with the videos.

Hold on to a sturdy chair, or back of a couch for balance

1) Glue your heels together, and rise up to your toes. (This is called demi point). Squeeze those legs together as you take some medium speed plies, (just carefully bending and stretching your knees).

2) Now as you bend your knees, circle your working side arm overhead to a high fifth position, and then back down. Think of using resistance, as if you are moving though water.

3) Lower down to a first position, heels together, with your feet flat on the floor. Send your working leg out, extending it far away from you – but keeping your hips steady. Hold your arm strongly in second position (it’s amazing how simply holding your arm out there there can be a great workout!).

4) Add the arm floating up to high fifth and then out to second. The arm hits high fifth when the leg is out, then presses back to second position (Extended to the side), on the way in.

Make sure to repeat on the second side!

 ? xx