New Workouts from the Fittbe Elf

New Workouts from the Fittbe Elf

Are you finding it tough to stay calm during the busy and sometimes stressful holiday season? Endorphins and a great balanced workout can help you combat that stress! We have all new workouts from the Fittbe Elf, so be sure to check them out on your apps today! ??

See the daily challenges from the #12Days of Fittbe and catch up on fabulous self care if you need to!


For just 50 cents per week, you can live your best fit life and give yourself unlimited Pilates video workouts in the palm of your hand.

The apps are on iOS  and on Android

With an always expanding catalog of videos from Fittbe Pilates creator, Kira Elste, you will always find the perfect session to get you looking and feeling fit and fabulous!

Fittbe Challenge, Day 5!

Fittbe Challenge, Day 5!

Day 5 is simple in the #12DaysofFittbe ?? All you have to do is.. ⠀

1. Select some workout clothes for tomorrow and choose the workout you’d like to do⠀

2. Do 4 sets of 10 triceps dips on the edge of your bed before you head out off to dreamland! ⠀

⠀You are WELCOME to use this graphic or any of the other 12 Days of Fittbe graphics to inspire your community! Just be sure to tag @Fittbe_Workouts and use the hashtag #Fittbe

Did you miss any of the #12DaysofFittbe? No worries, there is still time! You might enjoy our red and green salads, cozy tea and books, or cinnamon day! 

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