Your Active Challenge Featuring Pilates, Antioxidants and Self Care!

Your Active Challenge Featuring Pilates, Antioxidants and Self Care!

Your Active Challenge Featuring Pilates, Antioxidants and Self Care!

This Fittbe Challenge involves self care, a bunch of Pilates, and powerful antioxidants! Press play on wellness!

A challenge packed with self care, enjoyment, and anti-oxidants!

Who is ready to get balanced when it comes to your Pilates workouts, self care routines and healthy diet!? We have a fun challenge for you, and if you are following along in your Fittbe Pilates app, once you complete your activity, you can check it off! Your wonderful accomplishment will then become part of your diary so that you can look back and appreciate all that you have achieved in sticking to the best, and most balanced you!

Center & stretch Pilates

Check off this workout!

The balance between stretch and strength is an important one! Enjoy the center and stretch Pilates session inside your Fittbe apps for the perfect blend!

Try a new type of tea!

Check of a Hygge / self care item by enjoying a new tea

There are so many wonderful teas to sip with gorgeous combos! Lately we’ve been loving Turmeric ginger!

Active Challenge!

Get ready for a fun circuit

Focus on your best quality of movement with each of these exercises!

  • Forearm plank with rolling heels 16 rolls
  • 6 sets of 6 criss-crosses
  • 4 Rolling like a ball, or rolling lake a ball hold
  • 16 Russian twists
    • Repeat 3 times x



Give yourself at least a week to enjoy all of these items!

And remember, you can save or bookmark this post to review anytime!

  • Treat yourself to a calming bath – hygge / self care
  • Make a blueberry oat smoothie – eats and treats
  • Lean lower abs Pilates – workout
  • Read something just for fun – hygge / self care
  • Do 10 minutes of stretching! – active

All of the Above Sessions are Available in Fittbe Pilates

Breakfast Picks for the Week!

Breakfast Picks for the Week!

In an interview with Time, Dr. Walter Willett, chair of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health suggested the excellent and energizing breakfast of “a combination of whole grains, nuts and fruit, plus a bit of yogurt.” We loved this idea – berries? Yes please, so here’s a great combo to try out this week:

Berries, Granola & Yogurt:

photo by @wildandinlove

Breakfast granola for the week – one of our top morning treats!

-A cup and a half of mixed berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries

-Sprinkle granola and add almond milk on top

-Add a couple of spoonfuls of plain yogurt with no added sugar such as Annie’s Homegrown.

For the granola, we love sugar free, and here’s a great recipe from Super Healthy Kids. 

Avocado Toast:

This might possibly be our favorite breakfast of all time as it tastes too good to be true!

We prefer a hearty seedy bread with no added sugar. A great option is Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Bread, and we always pick this one up at Trader Joes. 

Get your beautiful bread, and toast it up. Take your avocado and mash it up in a bowl with a little salt and pepper. Spread it on your toast. And now.. fry an egg as you desire, or add tomatoes to the top. Breakfast seriously never tasted so good. Our weekend plan calls for some buffalo mozzarella too!


Simple Green Moms has great avocado toast instructions, and they went so far as to even explain how to pick you best avocados at the grocery store!

 Be sure to share your healthy breakfasts with the # FITTBE for RT’s and Regrams. Let’s keep this fit life going!

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