Boost your mood, focus, and improve your sleep!

Can Exercise Reduce Stress & Tiredness?

So you’re feeling stressed, unfocused, a little tired… We’ve all been there! Rather than reaching for the remote to stream another series on Netflix or head to the couch for a nap, instead try a complete 360 and go for a little workout instead!


I’m already tired and you want me to workout to be more wakeful?

YES! You heard right, friend!

When you are feeling a little tired, a nice workout session will get both your circulation and endorphins going! You will enjoy a good mood boost, and much less tired. It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy. From at at home Pilates workout to a nice walk or a jog, it’s a great way to say to you body, “hey, wakie wakie, we have things to do!”

A mood booster!

We talked about endorphins, get ready for good feelings!

Endorphins are hormones that when simply put, make you feel good. When you exercise, your body releases  chemicals that give you a positive feeling! According to webmd, “that feeling, known as a “runner’s high,” can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life.” That sounds good to us! 

Getting Exercise also improves sleep!

Workout to sleep better!

Charlene Gamaldo, M.D. , medical director of Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep explains that  “moderate aerobic exercise increases the amount of slow wave sleep you get. Slow wave sleep refers to deep sleep, where the brain and body have a chance to rejuvenate. Exercise can also help to stabilize your mood and decompress the mind, “a cognitive process that is important for naturally transitioning to sleep.”

Feeling stuck? 

Use exercise to refocus!

According to the Harvard Medicine blog, exercise can help your brain to focus! Several studies have demonstrated that exercise that gets your heart pumping also can help your brain function. It may also improve memory! 

Get ready to THINK more clearly, sleep more soundly, and be in a better mood. Who wouldn’t love that!?


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How to Be More Productive from Home!

How to Be More Productive from Home!

How be Productive working from home!

Working from home really can be a challenge, but there are great benefits too! Many FITTBE members are finding that they are actually much more productive working from home, but it takes setting some ground rules to make it work!


Make a to-do list to tackle!

Let your Productivity Snowball

Feeling like you’re accomplishing and making progress is like a snowball for productivity. As you see your progress in ticking off each goal, you’ll be able to take that momentum forward into achieving even more. Who doesn’t love to see a list full of checkmarks at the end of the day. You can conquer it!

Have a dedicated Workspace

Office mode time!

Having a dedicated workspace can really help especially for those with big families all at home. With a workspace that’s dedicated, you can be in “office” mode, and then switch to parent mode, sibling mode, or roommate mode! The space you choose should have good lighting, and make you feel inspired and productive. You need enough space to spread out, and stay organized!

Set work hours and boundaries

You need to turn off sometimes…

Setting your work hours is key. Working from home, it’s easy to “never turn off,” but you need to.  Distinguishing work time, and playtime, or work time from chores time, grow time, or social time is so important. People don’t actually “multi-task,” our brains switch from task to task very quickly, so if you’re half working, and half spending time with your family, you’re really not giving either the attention it deserves.

Turn off distracting communication

Stay focused…

It’s nearly impossible to work productively when your phone is going ding, ding, ding with text messages or non work-related calls. It seems rude not to pick up the calls and respond, but what you get with this distraction is the inability to focus on the task at hand. Keep focused, bring all of your attention to the project you are working on. When you reach a real stopping point, then pick up your text messages, enjoy those meems, and reconnect socially.


Take Real Breaks

And enjoy healthy meals throughout the day

Treat yourself to breaks where you switch tasks completely. When you come back from a real 15-minute break, you will likely feel refreshed and ready to accomplish the next item on your list. Stay hydrated and have real meals packed with healthy ingredients. Fight the urge to “work through lunch.” Remember what we learned about multitasking? Taste your food, enjoy the break, drink some flavored water!

We hope that these tips will help you enhance your productivity and also your joy in your at-home workday!

Yogalates would be the perfect break time activity! Enjoy some sessions with Fittbe!