Affirmations are powerful! The thoughts we have impact the way we feel, the way our body reacts to things, the way we interact with our worlds, and our loved ones. Why wouldn’t you want to train your thoughts to be beautiful, strong, or positive? It may seem silly at first, but the operative word here is “train.” Bad thoughts can be habit-forming. But never fear, no negativity tailspins here. GOOD thoughts can also be habit-forming. When you have a mind full of good and productive thoughts, you start the process of forming the habit of good thinking, You will put good out into the world, and it will boomerang right back to you. Believe me!

Affirmations are the perfect way to start seeing the world, and interacting with the world in the best way possible! They are statements you make. You repeat and you remind, and eventually, they will change your life for the better! Always talk to yourself well, because YOU are listening!

You can write your own affirmations, or you can use many of ours! In fact, the yogalates app, is full of them! You can make affirmations for anything. Say them, think them, feel them, believe them.

Here are 5 Affirmations that can fuel your success today!

  • My life and prosperity are in my hands, and I have the power to create any future I desire.
  • I am pushing forward every day
  • I am passionate about moving forward. I will make today a productive day.
  • I know what my goals are and I am taking steps toward achieving them!
  • I am becoming comfortable with “enjoying the ride” on my way to success