You know “that shirt” that you’ve hung on to way too long, but there’s just something about it that keeps it from the donation bag? Well, I had a t-shirt when I was younger that said “Pilates at the Academy: Strong to the Core!” Intense, right!? I got it in my Pilates classes that I was taking at Washington Academy. My sister often quotes that shirt in a very intense, announcer style voice… “strong to the core!”

I’m thankful for those lessons in the early days, and by early days I mean 20 years ago, yikes! I learned as a teen that core strength could help with so many things from control in ballet to other sports, to helping prevent back pain and improving posture!

Here are a few reasons to follow the lesson from that loved old t-shirt, and give your core some attention today!


  • Ease Your Lower Back Pain: Who gets a sore lower back?! My hand went up. My guess is for those of us who sit for long periods of time, the tension gets to us, and tightens up our hamstrings, piriformis, and more. In short, ouch! Did you know though, that if you combine stretching with core strength, you can fight lower back pain. Think of tightening your core, sending your tailbone straight down toward the floor and sending your shoulders back. You core supports SO much going on in that beautiful body, and keeping it engaged will help!


  • Your powerhouse is going to help you conquer everyday tasks with ease: Think of your core as a powerhouse! Since your core is the base of your strength, you’ll find that keeping it strong will help you with so many daily tasks from lifting the little ones to doing household tasks!


  • You can’t build anything on a weak foundation: No muscle stands alone! Your back, abs, legs – they’re all connected! When your core does it’s part, the foundation for overall body balance is there!


Engage your core right now with me – did you stand up straighter?! When your core is engaged, it is difficult to slouch. Now that’s a win – win!


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