Good news Fittbe Members! Your mighty May challenge is here. Packed with self care, antioxidants, and enjoyment, and of course, Pilates, it’s going to be a blast. Remember, you tap the menu to reveal the challenge. Once you complete your activity, you can check it off! Your wonderful accomplishment will then become part of your diary so that you can look back and appreciate all that you have achieved in sticking to the best, and most balanced you!

Here is a breakdown of our May challenge! Open up your apps and click Mighty May Challenge to get started!

  • Center and stretch Pilates – workout
  • Try a new type of tea – hygge / self care
  • Check Mark Challenge 1 – active
    • Downward Dog Stretch with 16 small arm pulses – elbows to your sides
    • Forearm plank with rolling heels 16 rolls
    • 6 sets of 6 criss-crosses
    • 4 Rolling like a ball, or rolling lake a ball hold
    • 16 Russian twists
      • Repeat 3 times x
  • Treat yourself to a calming bath – hygge / self care
  • Make a blueberry oat smoothie – eats and treats
  • Lean lower abs Pilates – workout
  • Read something just for fun – hygge / self care
  • Do 10 minutes of stretching! – active